Facility Evaluation, Remediation, and Design Services

End-to-End support for the most complex projects

Selecting and building facilities that meet the ever-tightening specifications of sensitive tools and equipment can be a daunting endeavor. Each tool’s requirements are unique, and there are often many dimensions to consider. VEC is experienced in the evaluation, design, and retrofitting of new and existing facilities including laboratories, fabrication facilities, and clean rooms. VEC works directly with site owners, architectural firms, construction firms, and OEMs throughout all phases of the design and construction process. VEC is committed to ensuring our clients deliver on their projects by providing the following services:

• Complete site survey of a proposed laboratory, fabrication facility, or clean room locations to assess suitability and prioritize tool placement

• Facilities design consulting for wall and ceiling construction, equipment selection and placement (vacuum pumps, chillers, compressors, etc.), and tool layout

• Client support for work with the architectural teams, construction teams, and other key stakeholders to communicate project and tool requirements

• Product selection consulting for facility support products, vibration isolation tables, acoustic enclosures, EMI cancellation systems, and other products as required

• Bid collection and evaluation to analyze the cost, features, and applicability of each product and system for selection by the client

• Cost-benefit analysis of design decisions such as increasing room requirements or utilizing acoustic enclosures, vibration isolation tables, and/or magnetic field cancellation systems