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The Quantridge solution is an integrated hardware and software service that provides customers with the insights needed to mitigate the external factors that affect the performance of high-end capital equipment.  In the semiconductor, data storage, research, electron microscopy, and other industries, external factors such as vibration, magnetic fields, and acoustic noise can degrade quality and production. Quantridge provides insights into these external factors by deploying a flexible array of sensors at the most critical tools and equipment that influence your business or research.

Quantridge Electron Microscope Vibration Monitor

The Quantridge solution is designed beyond providing data for data’s sake.  It proactively generates insights and targeted recommendations to achieve your unique objectives and improve quality.  These insights can include alerts when levels exceed specification, identification of the sources of interference on imaging and process equipment, trend data to ensure your evolving facility still meets requirements, and recommendations on the best time to conduct your most critical work.  Whenever possible, the Quantridge device incorporates tool performance and process data to correlate specific external factors to quality.

The Quantridge device is a turnkey solution scalable from a single critical lab to an entire factory floor.  It uses a mesh network of proprietary sensors tailored to the sensitivity and measurement requirements for your equipment and process.  By leveraging this mesh network of sensors, the Quantridge solution proactively determines sources of interference impacting tool performance and provides early warning when vibration, acoustic noise, magnetic field, and other factors spike or are trending to dangerous levels.  Quantridge’s alerts and advanced analytics enable stakeholders to take targeted actions and prevent problems before they impact the bottom line.

Vibration data from a sensor deployed in specific location.

To further optimize tool performance, users can conduct deep dives into the data using the Quantridge Analytical Studio.  The Analytical Studio is an intuitive platform that provides users access to detailed trend data, raw sensor data, comparison of interference levels to specifications, and critical insights to understand the factors impacting tool performance and better schedule work.

The Quantridge solution is available either as a cloud-based or offline solution with multiple data access and storage options based on your unique security requirements.  It is deployable both indoors and in extreme, all weather conditions to collect the necessary data required to provide targeted, impactful recommendations.

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Monitoring – Quantridge

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