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VEC is proud to be a distributor for Spicer Consulting, the manufacturer of the microscopy and semiconductor industries’ preferred solutions for magnetic field cancellation. We cover the USA, Canada, Mexico and South America.

Not all facilities require magnetic field cancellation as part of the remediation strategy, but for those that do, our collaboration with Spicer provides a distinct advantage when these systems are needed.

The most efficient and cost-effective way to eliminate electromagnetic fields is with a well-designed magnetic field cancellation system. VEC engineers work side by side with Spicer’s engineering team to configure a customized field cancellation solution specific to your unique room dimensions and individual tool specifications. VEC engineers consider your current room layout and adjacent tools in the system design, along with any other requirements you may have, to design the systems that will deliver optimal field cancellation and improved tool performance.

With a Spicer Consulting system, additional tuning is never required after installation because the systems dynamically respond to changes in frequency and magnitude of the fields in your lab space. Once in place, end users can truly turn it on and forget about it.

Spicer Consulting magnetic field cancellation systems are implemented worldwide in facilities with electron microscopes, electron beam lithography systems, CD metrology tools, focused ion beam systems and other similar sensitive electronic equipment, enabling these instruments to perform at their full specifications, without image distortion and loss of resolution.

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