Column Sensor Mount


This sensor mount supports a Spicer Consulting magnetic field sensor. It is designed to hold the sensor to the column of a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The two pillars are fixed to the column with cable ties. The sensor is held onto the mount with elastic bands.

These mounts are most often used with AC sensors on instruments that do not generate large DC changes in magnetic field. An SEM column is made from magnetic material so it distorts the ambient magnetic field causing the field measured near to the column to be different from the field in the room. This mount reduces that problem by holding the sensor about 5cm away from the column

Sensor Mount for a magnetic field sensor on a scanning electron microscope column. Cable ties hold the mount to the column.


  • Weight: 130g
  • Size of base: 15 x 12 cm
  • Total height: 5 cm
  • Compatible with: Sensor SC24/AC
  • Sensor SC24/DC+AC
  • Sensor SC26/AC
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Column Sensor Mount

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