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So, you have a site survey report that says you fail the AC or DC magnetic field specification for your microscope or E-beam tool.  Or maybe, you have edge noise on the existing microscope image that prevents you from meeting your resolution requirements. No matter what brought you here, your magnetic field issues need to be resolved quickly and effectively in a way that works for your microscope’s and facility’s unique requirements.  Many customers have several questions about magnetic field cancellation systems such as, how will the cables be routed? Will the system interfere with adjacent microscopes? Or, how do I support many different microscopes in the same or adjoining rooms? When you choose VEC, you get a team that will work with you to not only answer these and other questions but also provide a number of other services that you may need as well. This broader experience gives us a distinct advantage over alternatives in the market.

Spicer Magnetic Field Cancellation Systems

VEC distributes all of the Spicer Magnetic Field Cancellation products, which is the premier name in the space.  First and foremost, Spicer Magnetic Field Cancellation Systems have a long track record of outstanding performance across a wide bandwidth of magnetic fields.  Depending on the system selected, Spicer Magnetic Field Cancellation Systems can cancel from DC to 10 kHz. In addition to a wide frequency range, Spicer Magnetic Field Cancellation Systems are dynamic, meaning that they will respond to changes in field levels and the introduction of new fields without having to retune the system.  If you need to move the system or sensor for servicing, simply pushing the “Setup” button will adjust the gain to optimize cancellation once complete. Finally, the system is reliable and easy to use. Once installed, you turn it on and forget about it, allowing you to focus on your work or research for years to come.

System Selection

Spicer Consulting offers a wide range of products and configurations to meet the unique needs of almost all magnetic field cancellation requirements.  VEC will independently collect or review existing magnetic field data for your facility and compare this to the specification of the tool and your requirements.  Based on this information, the microscope or tool characteristics, and other vital factors, VEC will recommend the right Spicer Magnetic Field Cancellation System to meet your needs.

System Design

VEC support doesn’t end with system selection; we will design the cable layout, multi-room layout, and installation type based on your unique needs. For each system design, we will model the field cancellation along the electron beam column to ensure uniformity and to optimize microscope or tool performance.  For larger, more complex projects, we will holistically look at all of the tools and field cancellation systems in the space and provide a design that prioritizes tool performance based on sensitivity and process while ensuring cross system interference does not occur.

Professional Installation

Fit and finish is something we pride ourselves on at VEC.  In addition to ensuring your system achieves the best performance possible, our installation team will conceal cables in the enclosure, in a custom designed frame, in the ceiling, walls, and floor, or with wall and floor coverings to ensure the installation matches the aesthetic and safety considerations of your professional facility.

Work with architects and contractors to incorporate the systems into new construction

Planning for magnetic field cancellation and mitigation is often part of laboratory renovations and new facility construction.  Working with VEC from the start of a project enables us to provide the best possible system performance and aesthetic. Integrating VEC into the design and architectural team allows for VEC to conceal cables inside the walls, floor, and ceiling, making the system virtually invisible.  Also, integrating us into the design team enables us to provide other services, such as making the right design decisions to prevent vibration and acoustic noise concerns as well.

Pre-purchase testing

Are you not sure if a magnetic field cancellation system is required to meet your performance requirements?  VEC will work with you to test a Spicer Magnetic Field Cancellation System at your facility without committing to a purchase.  VEC will work with you to evaluate an image or tool performance with the active field cancellation system “ON” and “OFF” to help inform capital expenditures.  We understand that our customers need to prioritize resources, and we take pride in ensuring they get the most from their investment when working with VEC.

Do you think that you have magnetic field problems?  Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you with our products and services.

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