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Sources of Electron Microscope Vibration

Electron Microscope Vibration: An Increasing Issue in Today’s Laboratories

June 23, 2020

Electron microscope vibration is an increasing concern in modern laboratories because of improving resolution and extended duration imaging. At higher resolution, external vibrations have a proportionally greater impact on image quality. Also, extended duration imaging and 3D reconstructions cause image quality to be more susceptible to incremental sources of vibration. Owners need to bear this […]

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Active vs. Passive vibration isolation system performance

Active vs. Passive Vibration Isolation

January 13, 2020

Active vs. passive vibration isolation, understanding the difference is critical to mitigating the impacts of vibration on equipment performance.  Passive isolation systems use the natural properties of a spring and a dampener to reduce vibration.  Active vibration isolation systems use a control system with integrated sensors and actuators, improving low-frequency performance. Engineers use vibration isolation […]

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EMI Field Cancellation System layout

How EMI Cancellation Systems Work

January 6, 2020

An EMI cancellation system cancels electromagnetic interference (EMI) that degrades electron microscopes performance.  Using a sensor, controller, and field canceling loops, the EMI cancellation system measures the ambient magnetic field at the electron beam column and then generates an equal and opposite field thereby eliminates EMI that would otherwise cause interference on the image. The […]

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Magnetic fields impacting electron microscope image performance

EMI Interference: Understanding and Mitigating AC and DC Magnetic Fields

October 17, 2019

DC and AC magnetic fields create electromagnetic interference (EMI) that can degrade the performance of electron microscopes and e-beam lithography tools.  Although AC and DC magnetic fields are related, each impacts equipment differently.  There are different strategies to mitigate both, but an AC+DC active magnetic field cancelation system is often the simplest and most cost-effective […]

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Construction vibration is a low-frequency vibration sources that can be challenging to mitigate

Understanding and Mitigating Vibration In Your Facility

August 27, 2019

Low-frequency and high-frequency vibration both have a significant impact on electron microscopy laboratories and high-tech manufacturing facilities. These two types of vibration stem from different causes and the strategy for mitigating vibration for each is also different. Vibration Engineering Consultants (VEC) can help you quantify and identify the vibration in your facility and work with […]

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site survey collecting data vec - vibration engineering consultants

Site Survey: Why Use a Third-Party?

July 16, 2019

When purchasing or moving a new electron microscope or process tool, customers have a few options when it comes to deciding who should provide their site survey. The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) will often offer the survey, and organizations sometimes attempt to conduct the survey themselves in-house. In this post, we will discuss the benefits […]

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DC Magnetic Field Disturbances on Electron Microscopes and E-Beam Lithography Tools

January 24, 2018

Overview: Changes in DC magnetic field levels near an electron microscope or e-beam lithography tool degrade image quality and inhibit production. A change in DC fields often results in image distortion, a blurred image, or image drift. Common sources of change in DC magnetic fields are variation in the Earth’s magnetic field and the movement […]

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Site Survey to evaluate facilities

Why a Site Survey is Import

November 21, 2017

Let VEC help you make informed decisions and protect against unwanted surprises A site survey for an electron microscope, analytical equipment, or a sensitive manufacturing tool is a critical requirement whenever purchasing a piece of equipment or moving into a new laboratory or cleanroom. Site surveys both help determine if your space meets manufacturer specifications […]

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Vibration from mechanical equipment

Reducing Vibration from Mechanical Equipment in an Electron Microscopy Lab

November 21, 2017

Discussion: Reducing Vibration from Mechanical Equipment in an Electron Microscopy Lab: Laboratories often have vibrating equipment that causes disturbances on electron microscope images.  These sources include chillers, vacuum pumps, transformers, etc..  At VEC, this is a problem that we commonly see in our clients’ laboratories.  Following some basic guidelines can help reduce the impact of […]

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vibration reduction for sensitive instruments