We understand that you have a lot at stake when it comes to decisions about site suitability for your desired use. Our goal is to remove any uncertainty for you, your architects or your builders by making sure that all stakeholders understand both the site survey data and the remediation plan. We have experience with a variety of sites and building or remodeling projects, but we are most often called upon for our expertise in the disturbances that impact the performance of imaging and analytical instruments and device manufacturing tools.

We work with you at every step: site evaluation, design and construction, and even after project completion. We assure that your questions are answered, that you have the actionable data and recommendations you need to make informed decisions, and ultimately, that you get the maximum return from your investment.

Our surveys deliver the most comprehensive evaluation of disturbances present at your site, identifying the origins of anything that might impact the intended use of your space. Drawing upon our knowledge of how vibration, acoustic noise, electromagnetic fields, and other disturbances can affect both instruments and sites, we walk you through every reading, explaining what the data reveals and providing detailed recommendations for remediation.

Our design consulting includes advice on space design and construction. We provide a list of solutions that are best suited for your needs. We engage with architects and builders to discuss materials and methods that will further support your requirements. Finally, we work with you throughout the implementation of these strategies to validate that issues of disturbance or interference are resolved.

And there is one more way we can help: our Quantridge monitoring platform. Aging equipment, changes within your facility, or even changes near your location will, over time, degrade the performance of your perfectly tuned space. Quantridge delivers real-time data that will help you keep your operations running smoothly and alert you to issues before they turn into costly problems.

Our core promise is to give you all the information you need to avoid or resolve problems, maintain sensitive instrument performance or improve your facilities and their design.

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