Site Evaluation

Comprehensive site evaluations are essential to determine the presence and origins of vibration, acoustic noise, or magnetic field interference or disturbance. First, we conduct a project briefing with you to verify your goals in advance of any site survey. Then, we develop a collection plan based on your facility, tools and needs to assure that we provide you with best-in-class data specific to your requirements.

Detailed analysis of survey data is critical for pinpointing sources of disturbance and understanding the implications of the readings from your site. This analysis is integral to our reporting process, enabling us to prepare a thorough assessment of our findings and prepare a list of recommendations, which can include designing certain features into your space, relocating equipment or utilities, or even being honest that your chosen site may not be able to meet your specifications. We are especially vested in making sure that you understand what all the results indicate about your site and we are available to help guide you through the decision-making process so you can move your project forward with confidence.

What you can expect from VEC:

  • We conduct full site evaluations of existing or future facilities to assess and prioritize tool placement or assist with location selection.
  • We record the vibration, acoustic noise, and magnetic field measurements at multiple locations and over multiple time horizons depending on your requirements.
  • We can conduct spot surveys to provide a baseline understanding of the factors that impact microscope and tool performance or multi-day surveys to understand variations throughout the day or from day to day.
  • We determine the sources of disturbance that cause a location to fail the manufacturer provided specifications.
  • We compare measurements from your lab space to the unique specifications of sensitive equipment.
  • For device processing tools, we correlate a disturbance in an image or other issues identified during production to known or potential sources of vibration, acoustic noise, and magnetic fields.
  • We walk you through the data, explaining the results of your survey with the level of detail that you need for making informed decisions.
  • We aren’t finished until we are certain that you understand all of the data about your site.

The advantages to working with VEC:

  • We can conduct site evaluations across a wide variety of tools and microscopes
  • We have a robust database and experience to help quickly identify issues and provide recommendations to optimize tool performance.
  • We never use site surveys and evaluations as a mechanism to sell products. Delivering the most accurate data and data analysis is our core business.
  • We have a broad base of experience with all sources of disturbance, not just one or two aspects.
  • We go beyond a simple “PASS” or “FAIL.” We work with our clients to understand the issues identified during the site survey and discuss options and any necessary remediation.
  • We spend time with you to ensure that you understand the data.
  • We provide specific, actionable recommendations based on the data collected and your goals.
  • We focus on tool performance and addressing the priority issues impacting your space.

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Understanding the Site Survey

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