Spicer Consulting

Spicer Consulting Field Cancelling Systems FAQ

01. How much maintenance is required for a magnetic field cancelling system?

None. In normal usage the cancelling systems should continue working without need for attention. The only exception are DC systems that need resetting under certain circumstances, such as when the DC sensor has been moved.

02. Do you have to retune a cancelling system if the magnetic field environment changes?

No. It automatically reacts to changes in both field frequency and magnitude.

03. How quickly does a cancelling system react to changes in the field?

They react in 100 microseconds. But note that the meters on the front panels (which have no effect on cancelling) are not fast enough to show this.

04. How are the cables installed?

​Spicer Consulting generally attaches room size cables to the wall in plastic trunking (38mm x 16mm). Where possible, the cables are routed under the floor or above the ceiling. In newly built or refurbished sites it may be possible to bury conduit in the walls and floor.Where room size installations are not possible cables are mounted using cable ties to the tool’s cabinet or on a specially manufactured aluminium frame. Here are some details of installations we have carried out ourselves.

05. Do I need a Helmholtz frame?

​Not usually. Helmholtz frames are inconvenient for the user and no better than room size cables for cancelling beam movement. They are typically used for OEM installations and when other cable arrangements are not suitable.

06. Can I install one system to cancel fields in a room with multiple tools?

​A separate system is required for each tool.

07. Can I install two systems side by side?

Yes, but precautions are needed. Read more in the knowledge base.

08. If I install a system on one tool, do I need one on the next door tool?

Sometimes. It depends on the individual circumstances.

09. Do the trip levels affect cancelling?

No. They only affect the level at which the Field OK light goes out and the trip indicators come on.

10. Can the systems cancel the effect of lifts (elevators)?

Yes, using the wideband DC sensor.

11. This isn’t true DC cancelling though is it?

Yes, the system will permanently cancel changes from the DC field level since the last sensor reset.

12. Do I need both an AC and a DC sensor with the SC24?

The Sensor SC24/DC+AC has wide bandwidth (DC-13kHz) and when used with the System SC24, the system provides DC and AC field cancelling. You do not need an AC sensor as well.

13. What has happened to the SC12?

The SC12 has been replaced by the SC22. We intend to support those sold as long as possible.

14. What has happened to the SC15?

The SC15 was a 2-channel spectrum analyser module. It was withdrawn when the DAQCard it used was no longer available. The functionality of the SC15 is available using the SC11/SI with SC11 Transfer software.

15. What has happened to the SC20?

The SC20 has been replaced by the SC24. We intend to support those sold as long as possible.

16. What has happened to the SC20Fast?

The SC20Fast has been replaced by the SC26. We intend to support those sold as long as possible.

17. What certifications do the cancelling systems have?

Spicer Consulting cancelling systems have safety certification from CSA. These are listed on the CSA web site . The cancelling systems also conform to European CE directives. Full details are given in the user manual.