Spicer Magnetic Field Cancellation Systems

VEC is proud to design and offer Spicer Consulting magnetic field cancellation systems, the global leader in magnetic field cancellation


Spicer Consulting Magnetic Field Cancellation Systems

Custom designed cancellation systems based on each tool and room’s unique configuration and requirements


By collection detailed room dimensions and understanding tool specifications, a VEC engineer will configure each system to best cancel existing electromagnetic fields and optimize tool performance.  Throughout this process, VEC engineers works hand and hand with the engineering team at Spicer Consulting to design the ideal system for our clients.  These design decisions include:

  • Room cable layout or frame design including cable separation and location

  • Duel loop vs. single loop coils

  • Sensor placement and the use of a “virtual sensor” to fully optimize cancellation and tool performance

  • Adjacent tool considerations to prevent oscillation between systems

VEC finds that a well-designed magnetic field cancellation system is often the most efficient and cost-effective way to eliminate electromagnetic fields.  With a Spicer Consulting system, additional tuning is almost never required after installation.  Once in place, the end user can truly turn it on and forget about it.

DC EMI, DC Magnetic Field Cancellation, SC24

A fourth-generation magnetic field cancellation system designed to improve the performance of electronic instruments sensitive to electromagnetic fields, such as electron microscopes and electron beam metrology tools.  The field cancellation method is a wide band analog negative feedback that automatically responds to field changes within 100 µs.  With a wide bandwidth, excellent cancellation performance, and an intuitive, easy to use display, the SC24 is truly second to none.  Key features include:

  • DC sensors available for cancelling tram and train DC fields and 50/60Hz line fields

  • Touch screen intelligent user interface with automatic setup and DC reset

  • Simultaneous AC & DC field display with choice of Tesla or Gauss units

  • Bandwidth: DC-5000Hz

  • Built-in test field generator

  • Ethernet and USB ports for remote operations and monitoring

  • Easy to read “Field OK” light

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Spicer Consulting Magnetic Field Cancellation System SC-22


Outstanding AC cancellation performance from the global leader in magnetic field cancellation systems​


A low-cost, high-performing AC magnetic field cancellation system that replaced the SC12 system which sold over 1,000 units worldwide.  The field cancellation method is a negative feedback loop that responds to field changes within 100 µs and has up to 60 mG (6.0 µT) pk-pk range.  Key features include:

  • Automated set up with “Field OK” light

  • Intelligent user interface

  • Cancels AC fields from 2.5 Hz to 5 kHz with 50 x field improvement at 60Hz 

  • Supports dual sensors for TEMs and high gradient fields

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