Stiffness Testing

Testing for cutting-edge semiconductor and microscopy tools

Stiffness testing, vibration measurements

To build semiconductor components that are measured in nanometers and generate images with angstrom level resolution, floor and pedestal stiffness is critical. Semiconductor manufacturers must generate fast, reproducible results using complex production and inspection tools. These tools require stiff floors and pedestals to maintain tight tolerances. In microscopy, high performing TEMs and SEMs require rigid floor vibration specifications, and piezoelectric isolators are often employed. These isolators require an extremely stiff floor to optimize performance. To meet the needs of the semiconductor and microscopy space, VEC is pleased to offer the following stiffness testing services:

  • Stiffness testing of semiconductor production tool pedestals or floors
  • Stiffness testing of floors for piezoelectric isolators used on cutting edge microscopy tools
  • Full written reports of the pedestal or floor performance tailored to OEM and customer requirements