Why a Site Survey is Import

Posted On: Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Let VEC help you make informed decisions and protect against unwanted surprises


Site surveys are a critical requirement whenever purchasing new tools or moving into a new laboratory or clean room. Site surveys both help determine if your space meets manufacturer specifications and if additional preparatory work is required. This could be the replacement of an old air handler, adding sound proofing material to walls, or installing vibration isolation platforms. In addition, our survey results help inform site design and minimize expenditures.

We are the Site Survey experts you can trust to conduct an evaluation prior to your investment.

What is a Site Survey?

A site survey is an evaluation of a laboratory space or clean room to see if the vibration, magnetic field, and acoustic noise levels are within manufacturer requirements for a specified tool. VEC will utilize its robust data base of equipment specifications and test your space against microscope or tool requirements.

What will I receive at the end of a Site Survey?

You will receive a written report that compares the vibration, magnetic fields, and acoustic noise against manufacturer specifications. In addition, VEC often locates the most significant vibration, magnetic field, and acoustic source in your space. VEC then provides remediation recommendations to help bring your space into specification to optimize tool performance.

Why are Site Surveys Important?

Electron microscopes and semi-conductor tools are significant investments that require a high level of performance to meet end user needs. Often, the highest performing microscopes and tools are the most sensitive to vibration, magnetic fields, and acoustic noise. A site survey is critical to making informed decisions and mitigating sources that will degrade performance.

How is a VEC Site Survey different than our competitors?

Site surveys are the core of VEC’s business. Unlike other site survey service providers, VEC’s objective is to provide clients with the data and guidance to make informed decisions – not to sell products. VEC always strives to maximize microscope and tool performance while respecting client’s resources and performance objectives.

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