If you worked in microscopy or device manufacturing at any time during the last 35+ years, chances are that Vibration Engineering Consultants (VEC) is already a familiar name. Since 1983, VEC has provided site surveys to these markets, and we continue to deliver best in class site evaluations that quantify the factors that impact imaging, analytical, and processing tools.

But today’s VEC also brings new capabilities and broader expertise to serve client needs that extend beyond the site survey. We have the know-how to turn the data about room or site conditions into actionable plans, with recommendations for preventing, mitigating or monitoring vibration, magnetic fields, acoustic noise, and other sources of disturbance. We provide insights into the best room arrangement, facility design, or building materials depending on the intended use of the space. Even if you are already using the space, we can help you optimize it, so you get the instrument performance you need.

Our experienced team helps clients understand the sources of disturbance or other factors that can degrade the performance of high-tech manufacturing and analytic equipment. We take the time to make sure that everyone on a project understands that data, so they feel confident making the necessary decisions. And we deliver customized remediation strategies – including design and equipment recommendations – so our clients can get the maximum return on their project or instrument investment.

The majority of our work is for high-tech manufacturing and nanoscale research because these industries have stringent facility requirements. But we have direct experience with a broad range of industrial, technical, health and safety, and regulatory standards to support any new construction or remodeling projects.

VEC is a distributor for Daeil Systems, the global leader in active vibration isolation platforms for electron microscopes and semiconductor/display manufacturing tools. We distribute these systems in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and South America.

VEC is a distributor for Spicer Field Cancellation systems, the leading platform for managing EMI anywhere sensitive instruments are in use. We distribute these systems in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and South America.

Additionally, VEC is partnered with Quantridge, an innovative new platform that allows engineers to monitor conditions and respond proactively to excursions or interference before they become problems.

At VEC, we continue to invest in technologies and capabilities to better serve our clients. For us, the survey is only the beginning. Our support extends beyond providing data, so our clients have the answers and information they need to meet their project needs.

We look forward to supporting you on your next project.

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