Vibration Engineering Consultants

Environmental Testing

VEC works with OEMs and site owners to survey locations for vibration, acoustic, EMI s, and stiffness suitability for sensitive tools and equipment. If issues are identified during our survey, we collaborate with the site owner and key stakeholders to resolve these issues as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Consulting Services

VEC provides a variety of consulting services for tool owners, facilities managers, architectural firms, construction firms, and OEMs. Our goal is to to ensure that the environmental specifications of sensitive tools and equipment are met and the tool’s full performance capability is realized.

Spicer Cancellation Systems

VEC provides products and services to resolve environmental issues affecting your investment. VEC is proud to offer the Spicer Consulting magnetic field cancellation system. VEC can design a Spicer Consulting magnetic field cancellation system or install a custom magnetic field cancellation solution.