Vibration Engineering Consultants (VEC) provides our customers with monitoring, active vibration isolation products, and EMI cancellation systems.  

To better understand, identify, and remediate sources of vibration, acoustic noise, and magnetic field disturbance in your laboratory, VEC offers the Quantridge monitoring platform. The Quantridge monitoring platform provides customers with the data and insights they need to mitigate issues before they become costly problems.

Although VEC always strives to mitigate vibration and magnetic field sources directly, sometimes this is not possible. The excitation of ground resonances from speed bumps or installing a tool on an elevated floor in a building requires an active vibration isolation platform. Likewise, electron microscopes installed next to elevators need a DC magnetic field cancellation system.

VEC provides solutions for the electron microscopy, research, and high-tech manufacturing space to include analytical instruments and semiconductor processing tools. We are incredibly selective concerning the products that we recommend.

Many facilities have systematic vibration problems that cannot be remediated directly without a significant time or resource commitment.  In these instances, VEC offers customers with Daeil System vibration isolation platforms.  With several models and sizes available, VEC can provide an active vibration isolation platform to meet your specific requirements.

In addition to vibration problems, many laboratory environments have electromagnetic interference, which can result in image drift or flagging. As a distributor of Spicer Consulting products, our EMI cancellation systems are the best in the industry. Based on the measured fields and room layout, VEC can select and design a system that can remediate even the highest levels of magnetic field interference.

Quantridge Online Vibration Monitoring Platform

Quantridge is the innovative monitoring platform that alerts lab managers, facility managers, and engineers to disturbances that impact productivity before they have costly problems. This online vibration monitoring system can enhance peace of mind at your facility and help ensure you quality results. Learn more about how the Quantridge monitoring system can help your facility. 

Quantridge Electron Microscope Vibration Monitor

Daeil Systems Active Vibration Isolation Products

Daeil Systems is a leader in developing active vibration isolation products for industry, research institutes, and universities for over 35 years. Their products are used extensively in Asia, and VEC is excited to bring Daeil Systems’ innovative solutions to electron microscopy labs and semiconductor/device manufacturing facilities in North and South America. Learn more about the DVIA series

Daeil DVIA-MB For an active vibration isolation platform for electron microscopes, SEM, TEM, FIB, Crossbeam, and Dual Beams

Spicer Consulting EMI Cancellation Products

Spicer Consulting manufactures industry-renowned EMI cancellation systems. VEC has been a Spicer distributor for over two decades and has extensive experience with the implementation of their products. Learn more about the Spicer products we distribute and how they can improve your facility.  

Spicer SC24 field cancellation system from Vibration Engineering Consultants


Recommendations with Our Clients in Mind

At VEC, our promise to our clients is never to make remediation recommendations to sell products. We always place our client’s best interests first when recommending an active vibration isolation system or EMI cancellation products.

With this in mind, our experienced engineers are ready to make the right recommendation for your situation. If you have questions or would like to talk about your facility, contact us today!


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