DVIA-UB Platform

Cost-Effective Active Vibration Isolation for Conventional High-Resolution SEM, FIB and FIB/SEM and Other Analytical Instruments

Daeil Systems’ DVIA-UB is a low-profile, cost-effective, active vibration isolation platform that VEC can install directly under microscopes up to 700 kg. To achieve a more streamlined design, Daeil Systems integrated both the isolators and the controller into the DVIA-UB base eliminating excess cables and the need for a separate controller.

Based on your microscope’s unique design, VEC will work with you to customize the platform to match your footprint and weight requirements.

Daeil Active vibration isolation platform for SEM, FIB, electron microscope

Active Vibration Isolation Technology

DVIA-UB series incorporates sensors and actuators with the feedback and feedforward control systems.  This design excellently reduces vibration in the 1 – 10 Hz range and achieves fast settling time.  Also, the DVIA-UB uses passive spring isolators’ outstanding vibration isolation performance at frequencies above 10 Hz.  The result is a 10x reduction in vibration by 5 Hz and with greater than 20x reduction in vibration above 10 Hz.

The DVIA-UB performs well at low-frequencies


DVIA-UB platforms are a low-profile design with a height of only 96mm (2.78 in). For microscopes in an enclosure or facilities with height constraints, the DVIA-UB is the ideal choice.

DVIA-UB1000 under at Zeiss Sigma 500

No Compressed Air Required

DVIA-UB series does not require air supplies to operate the system. Metal springs in the isolator units both support heavy payloads and provide outstanding passive vibration isolation for high-frequency vibrations.  With the integrated controller, the only cable for the system is the power cord to the wall.

Cost-effective Active Vibration Isolation Solution

Daeil Systems designed the DIVA-UB to isolate Scanning Electron Microscopes from floor vibrations in the most cost-effective way possible while not sacrificing quality, performance, or design excellence.


Specifications for the DVIA-UB cost effective vibration isolation system

Dedication to Quality

All Daeil systems are TUV and CE certified. Both Daeil and VEC provide a three-year warranty on all DVIA-U products.

Daeil Vibration Isolation systems are TUV certified

Daeil Active Vibration Isolation Systems are CE Certified








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