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Designing state of the art laboratories or manufacturing centers – whether from a greenfield site or by remodeling an existing facility – requires a team of experts who can advise on the methods for meeting critical project specifications. Our value on this team is to share our expertise on matters related to vibration, acoustic noise, magnetic field or other types of disturbances—factors that sometimes are confusing or difficult to understand.

We will help all parties interpret the unique specifications for a wide range of analytical and process tools. We will provide specific design recommendations for building construction, tool layout, and facility equipment recommendations. We perform acoustic modeling to predict disturbances to get insights that we can use to determine optimal room arrangement, facility design or building materials. We also make recommendations for third-party equipment, such as active isolation systems, to provide localized remediation within the space.

What you can expect from VEC:

  • We will conduct an initial site evaluation using state-of-the-art equipment to determine site suitability and provide baseline data that will inform design decisions
  • We interpret the tool specifications and provide recommendations on facility requirements based on current and future tools and their use
  • We provide detailed design and remediation recommendations for wall and ceiling construction, equipment selection and placement (vacuum pumps, chillers, compressors, etc.), and tool layout
  • We provide equipment specifications and design requirements for key pieces of facility support equipment, such as air handlers and other equipment.
  • We perform acoustic modeling in the room to predict influences or disturbances.
  • We provide specifications for the layout of electrical equipment based on tool requirements.
  • We validate the site once the facility is complete to ensure that the customer’s end specifications are achieved.

The advantages to working with VEC:

  • We’ll support your project from concept to completion, starting with the site evaluation, through final site validation and ongoing monitoring.
  • We can interpret the technical specifications of sensitive electron microscopy and semiconductor manufacturing tools and translate these into design requirements for architects and designers.
  • We are the only company that can leverage a wide variety of measurement techniques and equipment, analytical tools, and experience to provide clients with specific, actionable recommendations based on detailed data collection and advanced analytics.
  • As a distributor for Spicer Field Cancelling Systems, we are in the best position to model the performance of a Spicer Magnetic Field Cancellation System for a single tool or multiple tools to be installed in a space.
  • We monitor the facility long-term with our Quantridge platform to ensure that a customer’s best-in-class facility remains best-in-class and activity in adjacent spaces or equipment wear do not degrade imaging, research, and production.

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